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PPE - 3 & 4ply Face Masks

GLOBSTAR ENTERPRISE LTD - We have the following Respirator PPE 3ply and 4ply Face Masks.


3 PLY Respirator Face Masks Design 

Blue / High Efficiency Filter Layer BFE >= 95%

Soft Elasticated Ear Loop

PP Flexible Strip Allow Comfortable Tight Fit to Nose Bridge

Made of Non Woven Fabric for Breathability


Soft, Odourless and Non-Irritating

Available in packs of 50pcs


4 PLY Design KN95 - FFP2 CE, FDA certified

4 Layer Non-Woven KN95 Face Mask

High Efficiency Filter Layer PFE > 95%

High Quality Material

Comfortable, Non-Irrirant

Soft Elasticated earloop

Built in Nose cartilage bridge to avoid and reduce inhalation

of harmful substances

Lightweight and Easy to use

Available in packs of 10pcs


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